Savvy travellers use CityBus.

Discover the cheaper and easier way to get around Sheffield

With a TravelMaster CityBus you can travel as much as you like around Sheffield, regardless of which company runs the service. With a range of online planning tools to make checking timetables and departures a breeze, it’s the smarter way to get around.

Buy 1 and 7 Day tickets from your driver.

One great value ticket, any bus.

Planning your journey on the new network

Simply enter the start and end points of your journey to find out how we can get you there quickest.

Use the Journey Planner

Check out our travel maps

See where our services can take you.

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Why choose a bus?

The easy way to travel in Sheffield, the bus cuts through traffic, is tax and insurance free and doesn’t need to be parked. In fact you could say it’s your second car!

How to use a bus

How to use a bus

You can plan your bus trip using our journey planner, or by accessing live departure information using your smartphone and scanning the QR code or NFC tag at bus stops. Some stops are also fitted with electronic displays showing you when your bus is due.

How to use a bus

Hailing a bus is easy. Simply stick your arm out at any bus stop and the driver will pull over.

How to use a bus

Pay the fare or show your ticket and then sit back and relax. When you near your destination simply press the bell and the bus will stop.

About the Sheffield Bus Partnership

The organisations responsible for bus travel in Sheffield are working together to improve your services. We are the Sheffield Bus Partnership.

The result is a simpler, more co-ordinated service: you can now travel around the city much more easily, with tickets you can use on any bus and tram in Sheffield. Bus passengers are already seeing a big difference and there’s much more still to come.

The Partnership is made up of First, Stagecoach, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Community Transport and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

  • Stagecoach
  • Sheffield City Travel
  • First Group
  • Travel South Yorkshire
  • Sheffield City Council

Contact Us

We welcome your views on public transport in Sheffield to help us improve our products and services.

To contact Sheffield Bus Partnership, visit

Call Traveline on 01709 51 51 51

Tweet @TravelSYorks

Our Pledge

We want everyone to get the best out of travelling by bus in Sheffield. That’s why as part of our customer service pledge, we promise to:

  • Provide regular, reliable services: We work hard to arrive on time and ensure you can always catch your last bus.
  • Be friendly, helpful and fair: Our staff are welcoming and helpful, and treat all passengers fairly and respectfully.
  • Keep you informed: We provide clear, up-to-date information about our standards and services. As well as any delays, changes or cancellations.
  • Listen to you: We encourage you to contact us. We listen to your feedback and will tell you what we’ve done as a result.
  • Address any issues promptly: We aim to resolve any issues you raise within five days. If we can’t, we’ll explain why.
  • Keep you safe: Your bus will be safe, clean and well-maintained.

The Partnership is made up of First, Stagecoach, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Community Transport and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.